Heat ray, horn, teeth

First Appearance

Frankenstein vs. Baragon

Latest Appearance

Godzilla: Unleashed

Baragon is a monster in the Godzilla series. He has a horn on his nose and large ears. His main weapon is a heat ray that he can use to disintegrate dirt. He can also burrow and jump high.


Frankenstein vs. BaragonEdit

Baragon was a monster that lived with the dinosaurs. He burrowed underground and survived while the dinosaurs, except the Godzillasaurus which mutated in a radioactive monster species, died out. He adapted and survived. He was disturbed by a factory and awoke and caused havoc. He attacked the factory, destroyed the village of Shirage, and ate appeared at a farm and ate the livestock. These attacks were blamed on Frankenstein, except a survivor of the factory who claimed Baragon did it.

A group of scientists searched for Frankenstein, but were attacked by Baragon, who had been awoken by a bomb. He attempted to eat the scientists, but Frankenstein arrived and battled Baragon. Frankenstein was able to break Baragon's neck, but then the two fall into a chasm.

Destroy All MonstersEdit

Baragon has been captured and taken to Monster Island, where he remains. He was mind-controlled by the alien race known as the Kilaaks. He was supposed to attack Paris, but was on a loan and so he was replaced by Gorosaurus. He breaks free from the mind-control and watches as the monsters battle and kill King Ghidorah. He is returned to Monster Island afterwards.