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Yellow and black


Webbing, poison stinger, incredible strength

First Appearance

Son of Godzilla

Latest Appearance

Godzilla: Final Wars

Kumonga is a giant spider who was mutated by a failed weather experiment, causing it to grow to emormous proportions.


Son of GodzillaEdit

Kumonga was a giant spider living on Sogell Island. It slept for a long time before rising to hunt. It was asleep when a weather experiment failed and instead mutated Kumonga, along with a group of mantises called Kamacuras. Kumonga was awakened early by a scuffle with Minilla and one of the Kamacuras. It got up and attacked the two humans named Goro and Saeko. They became trapped in a hole. Kumonga failed to reach them and left. Afterr the humans got out, Kumonga tracked them to the other humans and attacked, nearly grabbing one. Kumonga then stayed near the hole, waiting for them to come out. However, Minilla stumbled into Kumonga, who forgot about the humans and turned its attention to the baby Godzillasaur. It shot out sticky webbing, trabbing Minilla and causing him to fall. As Kumonga was about to eat the baby, the same Kamacuras from before tried to fly past, but Kumonga ensnared it in webbing too. It killed the Kamacuras with its poisonous stinger. Kumonga then turned to Minilla again, but suddenly Godzilla arrived. Kumonga tried to leave, but Godzilla would not allow that. Kumonga turned and attacked, covering Godzilla in webbing. Godzilla got out and hit Kumonga with a rock. Kumonga countered by jabbing Godzilla's eye with its stinger. Godzilla decided to fight Kumonga head-on, but was brought to the ground. Minilla then intervened, and together the two burned Kumonga's body.

Destroy All MonstersEdit

A new Kumonga unlike the other one was brought to Monster Island by scientists. Kumonga, along with the other monsters was brainwashed by aliens known as the Kilaaks and it attacked Earth with the other monsters. However, the humans broke the mind-control, and the Kilaaks responded by releasing King Ghidorah, but he was killed the by the Earth monsters combined efforts. When the threat is over, Kumonga and the other monsters are returned to Monster Island.

Godzilla: Final WarsEdit

Kumonga appears as one of the many monsters controlled by the alien race known as the Xilians. Kumonga appears in Arizona where it destroys a trailer with its arms. The Xilians then arrive and teleport Kumonga and the other monsters away. The aliens say that they saved Earth by destroying the monsters. When the humans discover the Xilians plan, they release the monsters again. However, Godzilla arrives to fight them off. Kumonga confronts the King of the Monsters in New Guinea. The giant arachnid webbed Godzilla and jumped around him before Godzilla grabbed a string of Kumonga's webbing and used it to swing Kumonga around and threw the spider away, where it has not been seen again.

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